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Dr. Chad Dodd is a seasoned animal health executive, leader and strategist. With over 24 years of experience in the animal health industry, He founded and currently serves as the President and CEO of Animatas Consulting LLC.


He began his industry experience with Deprenyl Animal Health as a clinical research manager working as part of the Anipryl® research team (now Zoetis Animal Health.) He worked for Hill’s Pet Nutrition for 13 years, developing new Prescription Diet® products as well as managing global innovation, commercial sales and marketing initiatives. He also led the Companion Animal Marketing team at Ceva Animal Health.


Dr. Dodd is currently the Chief Commercial Officer for Anivive Lifesciences, helping advance new therapeutics for the neglected diseases of animal health. He has published numerous veterinary science publications and holds multiple patents for products intended to improve the health and well being of pets. He currently serves as an advisor to the AVMA, Airnetic Inc   Airvet ,and Basepaws LLC 


This diverse animal health background gives Dr. Dodd valuable insight in business development, innovation, product development and commercial trade opportunities. Dr. Dodd is a graduate of the University of Kansas and earned his DVM from Kansas State University.

Chad Dodd, DVM

President & CEO

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